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The recipe for efficient oncological diseases
treatment is concentration of most up-to-date methods of therapy in a single centre.
Remote consultations
Consultation by oncologist
Second opinion
Radiation therapy
Photodynamic therapy
Hormone therapy
Target therapy
Regular medical check-up

Our advantages

  • Interdisciplinary approach
    MEDSCAN Centre applies an interdisciplinary approach where the individualised treatment plan is developed not by a single doctor, but by a team of specialists comprising of a cancer surgeon, chemotherapist, and radiotherapist. Read More
  • Modern equipment
    MEDSCAN Centre has a radiation therapy unit equipped with Varian True Beam equipment which ensures high-precision exposure with minimal damage to healthy tissue. Read More
  • International treatment standards
    A comprehensive cancer diagnostics involves tumour staging, morphological identification of tumour cells and molecular-and-genetic tumour characteristics. It is the basis for selection of an approach and efficient method of treatment and for estimating potential sensitivity to the therapy. Diagnostics and treatment meet international standards. Read More
  • Modern drug therapy
    Modern drug therapy. The possibility of all types of drug therapy as well as concomitant therapy which helps in preventing undesirable symptoms and in the timely correction of undesirable side effects. Read More
  • Dynamic follow-up
    Dynamic follow-up by the oncologist for patients who have completed their therapy under an individualised and optimal schedule for timely identification of disease relapse and treatment. Read More
  • Outpatient services
    Outpatient services offered by the Centre make it possible for patients to adapt their course of treatment to their lifestyle. Read More
Our specialists
All specialists at MEDSCAN Centre – oncologists, roentgenologists, radiotherapists, medical physicists – have completed both theoretical and practical training in modern methods of cancer diagnostics and treatment at UPMC, located in the United States.
Our equipment
For diagnostics and treatment we use modern expert-level equipment ensuring reduced radiation exposure.
Cancer centre
Hi-tech Medscan Cancer Centre was established with the assistance of The University of Pittsburgh Medical Centre (UPMC) and Asian American Medical Group (AAMG).