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Surgical resection of a malignant tumour is often the best or the only way to manage the disease. It depends on tumour size and localisation as well as on its morphological characteristics. Depending on the tumour type, your oncologist can recommend preliminary radiation with further resection, or immediate surgery followed by another type of therapy.

Modern surgery uses a number of techniques including criosurgery, laser surgery and hyperthermia.

The feature of criosurgery is exposure of pathological tissue to low temperature (liquid nitrogen or argon). Criosurgery is efficient in early skin tumours, retinoblastoma and precancer. Criosurgery is also called cryotherapy.

Advantages of laser surgery is the possibility of focusing a laser beam on the affected region thus ensuring high-precision exposure. Laser therapy is used in skin diseases and on inner surfaces of organs. Laser therapy is indicated for basal cell carcinoma, cervical cancer, non-small cells lung cancer and some other.

Hyperthermia has been developing actively; it is a method where small tissue areas are exposed to high temperature, and tumour cells die or become more susceptible to chemotherapy. Hyperthermia is available mostly in clinical studies. In case of complicated surgeries, especially in breast cancer excision, reparative plastic surgery is needed.

Surgery requires thorough planning and a multidisciplinary team: radiologist helps in identifying the size and precise tumour location; a consultation by oncologist is required to determine the time of surgery; pathologists' reports are studied in detail. Medscan.RF clinics plan surgery at any stage; we also offer post-surgery follow-up and determination of required pre- and post-operative therapy.