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One of the modern methods of treatment in oncology is radiosurgery which is also called stereotactic surgery. In radiosurgery, high-intensity radiation gets into a fine beam (a kind of a radiating knife) and the beam destructs ill tissues. Radiosurgery is actively used to manage brain and spine tumours and if metastases are present.

Radiosurgery is used for complicated tumours and in patients who have already had radiation therapy. Highly potential radiosurgery is in patients with serious concomitant pathologies: when this method is used, the patient does not need any anaesthesia, no tissue discission, and exposure may be performed in an outpatient unit.

Medscan.RF specialists will tell you about all four radiosurgery stages in detail: installation of a stereotactic frame which makes it possible to localise tissue destruction; scanning; therapy planning (a medical physics and doctor will select exposure parameters and verify them), and therapy proper. A session of therapy may last up to several hours, but the procedure is painless and noiseless. Medscan specialists will follow the patient during the entire procedure.

Medscan uses cyber knife, gamma knife and linear and proton accelerators.