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Immunotherapy is therapy where cancer is defeated by the own immune system of the patient. Immunotherapy is a biological therapy type, a kind of therapy using natural means to fight cancer, i.e. this therapy activates a specific factor targeting and killing tumour cells only, irrespective of their localisation.

In immunotherapy, special attention is paid to therapy with monoclonal antibodies, specific agents which attach to certain targets in the body and cause immune response which destroys tumour cells. This effect is possible due to a protein complex, i.e. a compliment, and lymphocytes. Another type of immunotherapy is TIL therapy used for advance melanoma. TIL therapy is prescribed after surgery; it uses cells extracted from tumour after surgery.

Adaptive cell transfer is another type of immunotherapy where T cells are extracted from a tumour, and then active anticancer cells are isolated or a gene contained in cells is modified in order to define and kill tumour cells. An important role in the immune system is played by specific proteins – cytokines, and two major types of cytokines are used to manage cancer: interferons and interleukins.

More and more scientists have paid attention to anticancer vaccines which can not only form specific immunity, but also significantly extend the remission period.