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Consultation by oncologist

When establishing Medscan.RF we wanted to create a brand new environment that was not just a clinic where one can have his/her tests and examinations, but also a clinic with a human face providing extensive services by expert clinicians and care for somone facing a cancer diagnosis or suspected tumour.

An oncologist is a specialist who diagnoses the disease and analyses various schemes of disease management. But he/she is also a person with whom you can discuss your clinical situation, who can thoroughly explain the changes in your body and who can render assistance and support in fighting against cancer.

No matter the type of malignancy you have, in our clinic you'll find a specialist with years of experience, who has mastered knowledge in this sphere, who tracks new drugs for treatment of various types of tumours, and who participates in Russian and foreign training events. A 'must' for a good specialist is awareness of international recommendations for certain pathology treatment, and our doctors are ready to explain in detail and to demonstrate the documents and regulations they use in their work when proposing to you a treatment plan.

Most doctors at Medscan are Candidates of Medical Science and involved in practice and scientific activities. Doctors at Medscan explain what examinations are necessary and what to do to fight the disease. Due to such specialists, positive statistics actively grows every year: more and more people defeat cancer, especially if the disease is diagnosed at the early stage.