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Target therapy

Target therapy is the basis of precision medicine combining classic medicine, molecular and gene diagnostics. Target drugs target not just a tumour cell, but its certain factors which caused mutation. The majority of target drugs is either low-molecular drugs, or monoclonal antibodies. Low-molecular drugs easily get into the cell and change it from inside, whereas monoclonal antibodies attach to the outer surface of the cell and modify it from outside. The advantage of the target therapy is their cytostatic characteristic. Exposure from such drugs does not cause cell destruction. To prescribe a target drug it is necessary to perform biopsy, as a result of which laboratory specialists assess the possibility of target therapy and select a drug together with your oncologist.

Target drugs may help in achievement of such effects as malignant process stabilisation, reduction in its activity (i.e. the process becomes a chronic one), load reduction during chemotherapy (target therapy may be combined with other therapies), and relapse prevention.