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Second opinion

What is “second opinion”?
This is an opinion rendered by several specialists regarding your disease. Modern medicine is developing very actively, therefore there is no a single doctor who knows everything.

If you want to get a second opinion, will I compromise my doctor's competence?
Not at all. Every doctor handling ontological diseases possesses wide knowledge. “Two heads are better than one” is a very wise proverb. It is applicable everywhere, and in healthcare it is an essential rule. A concilium, i.e. a group of doctors of various specialties (surgeon, radiotherapist, chemotherapist), discusses your case, discusses possible solutions and gives recommendations.

I would like that you call a board of doctors for my surgeon, what should I do?
Please provide us with the contacts of your attending doctor, we'll call him/her and organise a consilium with his/her participation.

What should I bring with me if I want to have an opinion rendered by your specialists?
Bring results of all previous examinations, tissue specimens (glasses and blocks) and opinions related to your problem.

What are “tissue specimens”?
These are specific lab glasses used to store thin slices of patients' tissue, or blocks – paraffinised tissue specimens.

Are there any special requirements to glasses storage and transportation?
No, there are no any special requirements; you can even bring them in your bag. The main thing is to avoid direct sunlight and to keep them in a dull dry place.

If your doctors' opinion differs from my doctor's opinion, what should I do next?
First, we will try to communicate our opinion to your doctor and explain our position. Then, if the situation is complicated, we may offer additional examinations.

I'll come to find out the correct diagnosis and you'll say that I need some more expensive examinations.
We think that professional ethics and fairness are the main principles in our work. We set a high value on our reputation and relations both with our regular patients and with those who need just one consultation from us. If we think that an additional examination is required, we will explain why it is necessary and will show protocols used by medical specialists all over the world. We never insist that you have additional examinations and never propose unnecessary manipulations.