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Fitnes s.Scan.Running.PRO

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'Fitnes s.Scan.Running.PRO' program

The program for participants of races requiring increased fitness (marathon, triathlon, etc.).

Extended examinations make it possible to assess body preparedness for intensive or long-lasting physical loads, individual risks of such loads as well as to identify diseases and pathologies preventing regular participation in such competitions.

Major attention in this program is paid to most exposed areas: all parts of the spine and knee joints.

Using the examination results, the doctor renders his/her opinion stating possible limitations for running and individual recommendations for staying healthy while being active.

*Price diagnostic center at Ilyinskiy highway may be different. Please get information from our operators on the phone.

The check-up includes:

  • General clinical information

  • Arthragra screening

  • Cardiovascular diseases screening

  • Kidney diseases screening

  • Liver diseases screening

  • .

    Anaemia screening

  • Mineral metabolism screening

  • Functional diagnostics

  • Heart and lower limb vessel ultrasonography

  • Knee joint MRI

  • Cervical, thoracic and lumbar spine MRI

  • Consultation by a doctor after examination results are ready


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Medical center on Nizhegorodskaya Street
1109052, Moscow, Nizhegorodskaya Street, 83, building 1
"Taganskaya" or "Marksistskaya" metro stations
24 hours a day
Medical center on Leningradskoe shosse
47125195, Moscow, Leningradskoe shosse, 47
"Vodniy Stadion", "Rechnoy vokzal" metro station
24 hours a day
Cancer Center on Obrucheva Street
119421, Moscow, Obrucheva street, 21A
"Kaluzhskaya" metro station
24 hours a day
Medical center on Ilinskoe Shosse
MO, Ilihskoe Shosse, Gluchovo, Sovetskaya street, 8
"Tushinskaya" metro station
Daily, 8:00 – 21:00