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Conventional method reviles any diseases of the breast including cancer and mastopathy. The procedure is performed with up-to-date digital systems and minimal radiation exposure.

Price-list for

MammographiyaMore about the service
  • Mammography of one breast от 2 200 rub.
  • Mammography of both breasts от 2 750 rub.
  • Ductography of one brest (does not include the cost of a contrast medium) от 2 500 rub.

Mammography: timely diagnosis of breast diseases

Clear images and precise findings

Mammography is a modern technique involving high-resolution images which clearly visualize tiniest changes in the breast and allows to fully describe the organ and its function during the work-up.

Experienced specialists

Only professional health care specialists can provide competent description of the picture produced by digital mammography system. Only with the imaging report physician would set right diagnose and offer the best treatment option.

Guarantee of comfort

Extra sensitive compression system delivers images from various views and perform examination safely with minimal radiation exposure.

Modern equipment

With high-tech digital Giotto mammography unit and innovative processing techniques it is possible to widen the area of scan and get the most definite determination of any pathological lesions.

Indication for mammography

Mammography is performed as screening and at suspicion on some diseases. It should be performed immediately after senologist order or in case of breast pain, lymph node enlargement, menstrual cycle disturbances, excessive weight, miscarriages and following symptoms:
pain and swelling of the breast
breast and nipple discharge
discolouration, redness, exfoliation of the skin on the breast of the nipple
Traumas of the breast
Enlargement of the lymph nodes in the armpit, increased sensitivity
Breast lumps
Changes of the breasts and nipples shape or size

Mammography: the nuances of the procedure

  • pregnancy;
  • lactation period;
  • damage to the skin and nipples.

    It is recommended to go through a mammographic examination from the 7th to the 12th day after the start of the cycle. During this period there is no swelling of the breast, which makes the diagnosis more accurate and informative. In addition, mammography involves breast compression, so a woman during the scan can feel discomfort and pain if the examination will be in the premenstrual period.

Special preparation is not required before the study. However, it is recommended to refrain from the use of antiperspirants, creams and other remedies for the chest and armpits.

Before the procedure, a woman must take off her clothes above the belt, as well as jewelry and accessories. Then it is necessary to take a position either sitting or standing. The abdomen is covered with a lead apron, which protects the internal organs from the effects of x-rays.

The mammary gland should be placed on a special mammograph plate, under which the radiator is located. Above, the chest will be further pressed against the second plate. This is necessary in order for the area of the gland to be enlarged. The result of scanning is displayed on a standard X-ray film.

Mammography is performed for each breast separately. For better visualization, the image can be taken in different projections.

Mammography is performed for women over 40 years with a frequency of once a year, after reaching 50 years - 1 time in 6 months.

Ultrasound is indicated in women under the age of 35 (due to the high density of the breast tissue). Ultrasound diagnosis is shown to pregnant women at risk of pathological processes in the chest.

Modern equipment

  • Digital mammography system Giotto 3DL
  • Sensitive Compression System to decrease patient discomfort during breast compression
  • Ring stand with 3D positioning
  • Detection structure of lesions and microcalcification in it.
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Conventional method reviles any diseases of the breast including cancer and mastopathy. The procedure is performed with up-to-date digital systems and minimal radiation exposure.
Mammography is a right way to save women health!
Health of the breast is a crucial part of woman`s well-being. To prevent development and progression of breast pathology, every woman should routinely visit senologist and undergo special examinations. Today it is not a rocket science for modern medicine to cope with breast pathology on its initial stages. Mammography is the method of breast cancer detection just for this purpose. Advanced digital systems deliver to radiologist detailed and high-resolution X-ray images and feasibility to make accurate diagnosis. All women of 35 years and older should undergo mammography in case of any symptoms or suspicions and after 39 it is the best prophylaxis choice to undergo annual mammography. this exam is not painful, takes only 10 minutes and helps avoid severe problem with woman health at any age.

Frequently asked questions

I have noticed discharges from both nipples, is it serious?
I can feel breast lump, what is that and what should I do?
I experienced paint in the breast, whom should I visit?
How often should I undergo mammography?
For all questions related to the mammary gland, you should contact an oncologist, who has received special training in mammology.

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