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Pathomorphologic examination (examinations such as histology and immunohistochemistry) is a scientific and applied discipline studying pathological processes and diseases using scientific, mainly microscopic, analysis of changes occurring in cells and tissues of the organism, organs and systems of organs. A laboratory may obtain materials for such examination from biopsy or after surgery during which tumour was excised. Tissues must be cut into very thin slices. To prepare the tissues they must be preprocessed: special paraffin blocks must be created or the tissue is frozen. It should be noted that frozen sections are usually used when it is necessary to get an urgent result; as a rule, laboratories work with paraffin blocks, as at Medscan.

The material obtained is stained by special colourants and examined under a microscope to determine the tumour phenotype and biological activity, i.e.

immunohistochemistry methods are applied. These methods give doctors a greater ability to forecast further activity of the tumour and evaluate its possible response to treatment, i.e. chemical or radiation therapy.

The procedure, from the time of tissue sampling until receiving a pathologist's report, typically lasts 7-10 days. At Medscan, such opinion may be obtained within 7 days, and specialists at our clinic will comment on it in detail and provide recommendations for further action.

Frequently, laboratory examiners and doctors process tissue specimens (glasses), which is difficult to give a precise opinion. In laboratories of Medscan.RF you may receive a second opinion on the same specimens, as well as any required clarifications.