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Molecular diagnostics

The more scientists understand the human genome, the more molecular diagnostics and examination of genetic abnormalities is important in relation to malignant diseases. In principle, such change of the cancer concept radically changes approaches to diagnostics allowing to determine the treatment more correctly and specifically. Owing to molecular diagnostics it becomes possible to diagnose early and prescribe accurate treatment ensuring more benign outcome for patients with malignant tumours.

Molecular diagnostics is about understanding the specific patient gene aberration. The necessity of precise descriptions of similar abnormalities occurred due to the development of target therapy and introduction of target medicines, i.e. medicines affecting directly the molecular target in tumours.

The presence or absence of specific somatic mutation for any type of cancer allows for precise diagnosis of tumours, and also effective treatment pathways. Thus, for treatment of large gut tumours it is necessary to analyse mutation in KRAS and BRAF genes. In case of breast cancer, attention must be paid to BRCA1 and BRCA2 genes. Understanding of relation between gene mutation and specific nature of a disease is an indispensable part of cancer treatment.

One of the most challenging methods of molecular diagnostics is the method of specific PCR in real time. Owing to this method, mutations in EGFR, KRAS, BRAF, PI3K, MGMT, UGT1A1 genes are detected. Based on the information obtained, a treatment schedule is determined and therapy results are controlled.

Medscan offers its newest methods of molecular diagnostics, including PCR, FISH, cytogenetics.