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Skin examination using a dermatoscope – dermatoscopy – is a necessary tool in the work of dermatologists, plastic surgeons, oncologists, and other specialists. This examination is especially important for early diagnosis of melanoma. A doctor analyses pigmented lesion, change in nevus size, and pays attention to boarders of birthmarks. Owing to dermatoscopy, malignant tumours may be diagnosed without biopsy (however, it should be noted that for clarification of the tumour type, a biopsy is required). Also, dermatoscopy is more often used for diagnosing non-pigmental skin diseases and various inflammatory dermatitis. 

Dermatoscopy is a non-invasive and safe method of examination, for that reason it may be repeated many times and without harm to the patient.

If you are worried about birthmarks, it is also necessary to pass dermatoscopy examination before their reduction and to choose an optimum method of treatment. 

Dermatoscopy is important if you need to clarify or verify such diagnoses as papilloma, seborrheic wart, hemangioma.

Our attitude to dermatoscopy is based on its unconditional value for a patient. Timely diagnosis is an important factor in adequate and timely treatment. Owing to dermatoscopy, invasive examination may be avoided, and if necessary surgery at an early stage of disease may be performed.

Regular dermatoscopy helps dermatologist in collecting his/her own archive of images, and such an image database makes the method more accurate.