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About Medscan

MEDSCAN is a dynamically developing network of modern medical centres utilizing a broad spectrum of high technology diagnostic methods in the following areas:
  • Radiodiagnostic: MRI, CT, Ultrasound, X-Ray diagnostic, Mammalogy.
  • Laboratory diagnostics: all kinds of laboratory investigations.

The Network Development Strategy

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Our development strategy is based on our commitment to providing quality accessible (affordable?), up-to-date, high-tech, comprehensive diagnostic services to broad layers of the RF population. For this purpose:
  • Our centres are equipped with AERA (1,5 Т) and Essenza (1,5 Т) Siemens MRI scanners, 128 and 64 slice Perspective Siemens CT scanners manufactured in 2015; our centers personnel is staffed with highly qualified radiology doctors having many years of experience of work in the best clinics of the RF;
  • We use only advanced IT-infrastructure allowing for automated image processing, quick transfer, storage and remote access for patients and doctors to the results of the scan;
  • As an additional diagnostic technique, each centre has an expert-level Ultrasound Machine;
  • Our patients can do all necessary tests and get a medical consultation in any centre of the Network;
  • A modern video teleconference system allows us to promptly organize telemedical consultations with specialists from the world’s and Russia’s leading clinics.

The Medscan Network Goals

We create a network of diagnostic centres for timely, quality and accessible (affordable) diagnostics; The principles of our work are very simple:
  • Quality, safe and prompt diagnostics;
  • Provision of the patient with comprehensive and reliable information about his stage of health; provision of remote access to the results of the examination in a format convenient for the patient and his attending physician;
  • Strict observance of the legal requirements for protection of personal data.

The Medscan Network Development

We are planning to create 5 health care clusters in various regions of the RF. Each cluster will consist of 8 -10 standard diagnostic centres and one radiation oncology centre equipped with two linear accelerators, and having a diagnostic department and a chemical therapy unit. The first health care cluster will have been built in Moscow by the end of 2016. Three first diagnostic centres of the Moscow Claster are already open and functioning.

Medscan advantages

Comprehensive high tech medical diagnostics
MRI, CT, Mammography, X-ray, tests and telemedicine are a standard set of services offered in our centres, meeting more than 80% of all modern diagnostic needs.

Best specialists
The Medscan Network personnel is comprised of highly qualified specialists with many years of experience of working in the best Russian and foreign clinics.

Advanced equipment
We use only new, cutting-edge equipment which is still under warranty of its manufacturers. Our CT-scanners are fitted with special LowDose software, allowing for 75% effective dose reduction.

International collaboration
We are actively collaborating with the world expert community and leading clinics around the globe. This enables our patients within the shortest possible time period to get such services as second medical opinion, telemedicine consultations with the world’s leading specialists and clinics, as well as hospitalization assistance.

A unified health records storage centre
The Medscan Network has a unified health records storage centre, ensuring the quality and compliance with the international requirements for medical reporting. All obtained results of medical examinations are stored in a secure unified data processing centre, meeting all the requirements of Federal Law No. 152 “On protection of personal data”.

We value our patients’ time
All centres have parking space and are located in the first line of buildings along the major traffic arteries of the city which allows our patients to minimize their time spent on travelling and parking. Also, our patients do not have to spend time on a return trip to the centre to pick up their examination results. At the patient’s request, the results can be sent to him/her via electronic mail or placed at a secure patient’s personal account at the the site http://medscannet.ru .

After receiving their medical examination results, patients may request a professional consultation concerning their further treatment. In this case, all examination results will be handed over to a relevant specialist for studying and further remote telemedical consultation.